RV Suspension Repairs

I recently returned from a trip to Alaska and noticed abnormal wear on my tires. It had been about 30,000 towing miles since my last alignment and it appeared to be overdue for another one. I took my RV to Swains Spring Service in Great Falls, MT and they discovered a more serious problem. The equalizers on my leaf suspension were severely worn and one had broken.

A new equalizer looks like this. In this photo, you can see the side of the RV where the equalizer broke and allowed the end of the leaf spring to rub a groove into the bottom of the frame. If the other equalizer had broken, the axles would have had considerably more freedom of movement and, eventually, the entire suspension could have collapsed. I shudder to think that this problem could have reached that point while in the Alaskan or Canadian wilderness, hundreds of miles from a qualified service center, and required the services of a crane and a flat bed semi truck.

I had brake service performed three weeks before departing on the Alaska trip and this problem was not noticed then. The bracket holding the equalizer can hide the early stages of this problem.

The technician at Swains Spring Service thought that I might be overweight but I have had my RV weighed twice and the RV axles are not overloaded.